Our Team

Our Team

Tim Hockley

Co-Founder, Group Publisher

Tim really believes “Life’s a journey, not a destination”, and his passion and positive approach are constantly creating new ways to drive Redstone forward. The ultimate combination of creative personality and sales professional, Tim has developed Redstone from a single small publication to a multi media leader within the pet, equine and veterinary industries. Tim’s career has had some interesting stops along the way. Starting his career in Toronto after graduating from Wilfrid Laurier University, Tim had a very successful career in marketing, retail franchise development and pet product distribution with stints in Europe and Central America before launching Redstone. His reputation for being an advocate for animal wellness, an industry leader and groundbreaker have seen him rent the Rose Bowl in California and host the worlds largest animal wellness Expo as well as earn consultation contracts from as far away as Japan.

Dana Cox

Co-Founder, Editor-in-Chief

After an award-winning advertising and marketing career in Toronto (most recently as a VP and Creative Director at Carlson Marketing Group) working for clients such as British Airways, Ford, Chrysler, Via Rail, Interac and Federal Express, Dana returned to her first love – writing – and established Redstone as a successful publishing company. But it’s hard to curb creative enthusiasm so now Dana and the creative team bring artistic and strategic passion to multimedia projects for clients all over North America.

Ann Brightman

Managing Editor & Senior Writer

With a successful 20+ year writing and editing career under her belt, it’s no surprise that Ann loves language, and knows a thing or two about how to “turn a phrase”. Prior to joining Redstone, Ann’s vibrant career included stints as managing editor of Century Home Magazine, as well as editorial writing and copywriting for Northumberland Tourism. A Tai Chi instructor, Reiki practitioner and member of the Professional Writers Association of Canada, Ann’s open-minded approach helps keep copy “fresh” and interesting while maintaining a high level of quality.

Dr. Christina Chambreau, DVM, CHC

Associate Editor - IVC Journal

Graduated from the University of Georgia Veterinary College in 1980. She is a founder of the Academy Of Veterinary Homeopathy, was on the faculty of the National Center for Homeopathy Summer School and has been the holistic modality adjunct faculty liaison for the Maryland Veterinary Technician Program. Dr. Chambreau teaches classes in homeopathy for animals, and lectures on many topics. She is the author of the Healthy Animal’s Journal and the co-author of the Homeopathic Repertory: A Tutorial.

Dr. Laurin Cooke

Associate Editor - IVC Journal

A North Carolina native, Dr. Laurin earned her undergraduate degree from Duke University, with majors in Psychology and Biological Anthropology and Anatomy and a Certificate in Primatology. After a fascinating adventure teaching kids about animals in zoological parks, she decided to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a veterinarian. She graduated from NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine in 1998. Since then, she has become an avid student of truth in medicine, natural therapies, and nutrition. Dr. Laurin is a trained and certified laser therapy practitioner and homeopathic veterinarian and a proud member of the AVMA, AHVMA, AVH and VBMA. She believes in collaboration among health care providers and safe, gentle, individualized approaches to healing each patient. In her spare time, Dr. Laurin enjoys books, writing, waterfall hikes, beautiful music, and, most of all, spending time with her three teenage children and assortment of rescued animals.

Emily Watson

Associate Editor

Emily has a bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature and has been writing – creatively and otherwise – for ten years. As a certified yoga and medical Qi Gong instructor, Emily has a passion for natural health and wellness that is deeply gratified by the Redstone mission. Always willing to take on more projects, she works closely with her colleagues to ensure that editorial deadlines are met and all T’s have been crossed. Besides tinkering with words and dabbling in the yoga studio, Emily spends her days hiking, camping and traveling with her wife, Faith, and their beloved fur babies – a rescue pup named Betsy and a spirited kitty named Molly.

Sariana Burnet

Associate Editor

Sariana is happiest when combining her twin passions of the animal world and the written word.  After earning her degree from Queen’s in Art History and English (including a memorable year spent at the University of Edinburgh), she gained work experience in copywriting, marketing and the hospitality industry.  Writing about claws, paws and hooves feels like a perfect fit! A full-time “fur mother” to Gilda (a feline with cat-titude), being a helicopter foster parent for her local animal rescues keeps Sariana from going full “Grey Gardens”.  Sariana’s hobbies include longboarding, Netflix binging, playing fetch and writing the next great Canadian novel, as yet unfinished…or begun.  

Cindy MacDonald

Editorial Advisor

As a child, Cindy was sure she’d been born human in error so she spent every possible moment reading about or being a horse. Cindy is a certified Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL) practitioner; editor, writer, administrator and web content manager; certified Animal Health Technician as well as living a life utilizing homeopathy, herbs and food as medicine. Cindy is tickled pink to integrate these passions into one fun ride as editor of Equine Wellness magazine. Cindy is the proud mom of five horses, a mini donkey, mini horse and Welsh pony plus potbellied pigs Smiley and Gloria and cats Strider and Shadow all residing on Greenshire Eco Farms near Lindsay, Ontario.

Elizabeth Sinden

Office Manager & Executive Assistant

With more than 15 years of administrative and customer service experience under her belt, Libby is the glue that holds things together at Redstone. She liaises with all departments to ensure things are running smoothly and plans are being executed. In addition to her exemplary technical and administration skills, Libby is a certified Apple specialist and photography graduate of Algonquin College with several professionally published shots to her credit. She’s been around dogs and cats her whole life, and currently loves to lounge around with her incredible feline, Luke, who was rescued from a local parking lot by our CEO.

Brittany Sillaots

Operations Manager

After almost a decade of working in the television industry, Brittany has found a home at Redstone where her attention to detail and ability to "get it done" plus a passion for animals can work together. Brittany is the epitome of customer service with great initiative and attitude plus a super infectious smile making her a natural addition to the Redstone team as Operations Manager. Growing up in Niagara with a family that had all types of critters, Brittany developed a lifelong love of animals that only grew more intense with the adoption of her own fur babies; her Australian Shepherd Odin, her German Shepherd/Husky Olive and her rescued cat Miss Murray. Hey Brit... we love those dance moves 🙂

Ericka Carbonneau

Marketing & Administration Associate

With her Bachelors Degree in Business Administration specializing in Marketing, extensive background in customer service plus her love for animals and natural health, Redstone is a perfect home. Even though Ericka loves all animals, she is a passionate volunteer with the local shelter and is not afraid to take on the very busy responsibility of fostering an entire litter of kittens. Can you say, Meow. “Cats have always had a special spot in my heart...I like they way they think.” When Ericka is not looking after subscribers or e-commerce marketing at RMG, you can find her hiking in the woods off-road trucking, curling up with a good book or looking for the next animals to foster.

Dawn Cumby-Dallin

Senior Graphic Designer

Passionately creative and incredibly grounded. Dawn has that special combination that publishers dream about in a designer. Don’t try to get her flustered by deadlines while she’s creating the perfect spread – it’s not possible! Dawn works her design magic on a number of Redstone’s publications, drawing upon her experience in a variety of genres. A Graphic Design graduate of Durham College, Dawn is currently studying photography in her spare time. Some of her favourite subjects include her kids, dog and two cats.

Theresa Gannon

Digital Media Specialist

Theresa is a gifted wordsmith passionate about pushing the boundaries of traditional marketing. Her Bachelor’s Degree in English and post grad certificate in Marketing attest to her personal philosophy of life-long learning. Having grown up in the countryside, Theresa was introduced to and educated about horses and other farm animals. It was during her childhood that she fell in love with Rottweilers, and today considers herself an advocate and educator for the breed. When she’s not creating unique digital media strategies, Theresa can be found in the gym or hanging out with their kitten, Odin.

Becky Starr

Western Regional Manager

Becky is a gifted educator and a has been a driving force at Redstone Media Group for over 12 years as the Western Regional Director of operations located in Los Angeles. Animals, natural healing, alternative health care and educating people are her passion which is why she is so successful in helping our advertising partners tell their story. Becky also has the rare gift of being able to understand the needs of her clients as well as the challenges that many of our readers experience with their animals. She is a true advocate of integrative health care for both animals and humans … “When I found Animal Wellness Magazine, it was everything I had been working toward and promoted all that I believed in”. Becky enjoys the California lifestyle living on Long Beach with her beloved dogs Timothy and Cute at her side. Oh ya...she likes monkeys too!

Kat Shaw

Editorial Associate & Multimedia Specialist

As a customer service expert with a background in design and communications, Kat has a tremendous ability to utilize her unbridled enthusiasm to develop unique and innovate multi media marketing plans for all her clients. Her desire to learn and take on new challenges is what makes her a trendsetter in the industry. Kat has travelled and lived all over the world, is an avid scuba diver and loves all animals big and small.

Carlisle Froese

Editorial Associate & Multimedia Specialist

Carlisle thrives on passionate curiosity and treats every day as an opportunity to learn something new. After finishing her master’s degree in medieval history, she chased her love of language into the publishing industry. When there were no more grammar classes left, she found a love for marketing and sales and landed at Redstone. Carlisle brings a creative twist to her clients projects and will rise to any challenge. Outside of work, you can find Carlisle trying to keep her rescue cat Maya out of her gigantic yarn stash, knitting, reading, camping with her husband or throwing a ball for her newest rescue pup Rusty who’s a strong believer in no take, only throw.