2024 Digital & Print Media Kit

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Our Platforms

RMG empowers consumers, pet store owners, breeders, groomers, veterinarians, vet techs, innovative practitioners and distributors by driving mass awareness to its media platforms for the most trusted leading-edge content.
Animal Wellness
Equine Wellness
IVC Journal


Animal Wellness has been leading the charge and influencing the natural pet movement with original health and lifestyle content since 1999. Read cover to cover and scrolled through online by the “Whole Foods” crowd providing highly engaged consumers, retailers and pet industry professionals everything they need to know to make the best choices for their animal companions and clients.


Equine Wellness is recognized as the premiere publication to help educate a dramatically changing equine market. As the first and only innovative equine health magazine, Equine Wellness provides horse lovers with trustworthy information on health and horsemanship. Over the years, Equine Wellness has been changing the way horse owners and veterinarians have been treating equine health and overall care by focusing on the new and innovative options available.


IVC Journal has championed for absolute best methods for pet wellness. We are laser focused on the most important innovations, methodologies and veterinary practice education possible. Our fundamental philosophy is to provide a platform for learning that does not judge or preach, but addresses education with an open minded, logical and unbiased approach. This uniquely innovative, inclusive style of sharing and learning respects scientific and evidence-based studies, with an end to providing the best possible care for each individual animal.

Our Stats

An overview of statistics for each of our platforms.

Animal Wellness


100% Own Dogs
85% Own Cats
92% Female Readers
$125 K Family Median Income
75% College Grads
82% Home Owners
100% Purchase Natural Products
93% USA, 5% Canada, 2% Other

Magazine Distribution

Print 30,000
Digital 200,000
Frequency Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Digital Reach

300,000 eNewsletters & Email

Consumers, Para-professionals, Retailers, Vets, Manufacturers, and Distributors

Social Media Reach

475,000 Facebook Followers

100% Targeted…No clickbait


150,000 Monthly Unique Visitors
3:10 Avg. Time on Page

Equine Wellness


92% Own Horses
4 Avg. Horses Owned
94% Female Readers
$159 K Family Median Income
84% College Grads
92% Home Owners
78% Have 5+ Acres
52% Western Pleasure
35% Dressage/Hunter Jumper
100% Purchase Natural Products
84% Self Care for Horses
95% USA, 4% Canada, 1% Other

Digital Reach

60,000 eNewsletters & Email

Horse & Ranch Owners, Trainer

Social Media Reach

32,000 Facebook Followers

100% Targeted…No clickbait


450,000 Annual Unique Visitors
3:04 Avg. Time on Page

IVC Journal

Practice Type

92% Small Animal Practices
8% Mixed Equine & Small Animal Practices
2 Avg. Vets Per Practice


3% Holistic
50% Integrative
40% Traditional Open Minded
7% Traditional Science Minded
97% USA, 3% Canada

Digital Reach

50,000 eNewsletters & Email

Vets, Vet Techs, Practice Managers & Owners

Social Media Reach

5,000 Facebook Followers

100% Targeted…No clickbait


635,000 Annual Unique Visitors
3:38 Avg. Time on Page

Our Services

Dominate the Competition with our Services

When it comes to digital marketing, our philosophy is: Attract, educate, direct and sell!

RMG has been the leading multimedia content publisher and marketing agency specializing in the natural pet, equine and veterinary market for over 24 years. Reach your desired target audience with tactical control over brand messaging, campaign timing, and budget.

Content Sponsorship

Web Ads

Email Marketing



Meta Campaigns


Editorial Schedule

Advertise in the print edition of Animal Wellness Magazine


Material Deadline: Oct. 2, 2023

Health Feature: Top endocrine diseases in dogs and cats
Nutrition Feature: Healthy holiday foods and treats for dogs and cats
Training Feature: How to train your dog to stop chewing furniture and other household items
Lifestyle Feature: Growing trends in pet tech

  • Natural products for supporting dental health
  • Medicinal mushrooms
  • Pancreatitis in dogs
  • Best foods for hormone health
  • Sleep disorders in dogs
  • Indoor exercise for your dog or cat – keeping him fit through the winter


Material Deadline: Dec. 18, 2023

Health Feature: Preventing cancer in dogs and cats – genetics, vaccines, diet, supplements, etc.
Nutrition Feature: Foods and recipes for animals with allergies
Training Feature: Why positive reinforcement is better than aversive training
Lifestyle Feature: How to protect yourself and your animal from fleas, ticks and mosquitoes

  • Schutzhund – a canine sport incorporating tracking/scent work, advanced obedience and protection work
  • What to do if your dog or cat goes missing
  • Dry skin itchiness – acupressure to the rescue
  • Protecting your pet from wildfire smoke
  • Top anti-inflammatory vitamins and supplements


Material Deadline: Mar. 19, 2024

Health Feature: Rehabilitation today – how far canine rehab has advanced
Nutrition Feature: Foods that help ease stress and anxiety
Training Feature: Zen crate training – how to train your dog to be calm and comfortable in his crate
Lifestyle Feature: Safe summer activities for dogs

  • Tips for dressing an injured paw
  • How shelters and rescues prepare for natural disasters
  • Assessing pain using pain scales and facial expressions
  • Navigating the golden years with your furry friend
  • Soothing aches and pains with Tui Na
  • Non-surgical alternative options for CCLD in dogs
  • Can you raise your dog’s IQ? Games that make your dog smarter


Material Deadline: Jun. 18, 2023

Health Feature: An integrative approach to chronic diarrhea in dogs
Nutrition Feature: What to know about grains in pet foods
Training Feature: Why use a harness instead of a collar?
Lifestyle Feature: 5 most popular canine sports

  • IBD in dogs – what causes it, signs and symptoms, treatment and prevention
  • Therapy dogs at police departments
  • Supplements for pets – dos and don’ts
  • Foods and recipes to soothe and support the GI tract
  • Probiotics, prebiotics, postbiotics – their respective roles in microbiome health + products
  • Tui Na relief for grief in dogs
  • Supplements for pets with chronic kidney disease

Ad Sizes & Rates

Print Advertising Rates for Animal Wellness Magazine

Website Advertising

Advertise on animalwellnessmagazine.com
Front Page
Inside Pages
Healthy Quick Links

Be at the top of the list to be found by pet owners or veterinary professionals that want the best for their fur babies and clients.  Your customized educational content repository will be linked to the topic that best categorizes your brand or your featured ad.

Content Sponsorship

As they say... Content is King!

Now you can reign supreme by leveraging top quality content that pet owners, pet industry professionals and veterinarians love. Our extensive list of over 2,500 evergreen articles / blogs covering a wide range of health and wellness topics is now available for sponsorship to leverage your brands awareness and positioning. All content is SEO’d, searchable by multiple key words or topics and are linked to your website or buy page.

Included with each article sponsored:  


Email Marketing

Drive awareness with an Email Campaign

Your brand and products will be featured in a custom Email Marketing Campaign utilizing our email databases of over 300,000 highly motivated pet owners, 50,000 veterinary professionals, and 60,000 equine enthusiasts. We will work with you to develop campaigns that drive awareness, motivate a sale or work to capture opinion. Emails will not only have compelling imagery and copy but will also incorporate ways to evoke responses to capture metrics and link back your website.


Educate customers about your company, product or service.

Redstone will write a customized blog post (up to 500 words) about your company, product or service including topics to support the brand and communicate its story, or support its market position and posted on the Animal Wellness, IVC Journal, Equine Wellness websites. Additionally each blog post comes with a linked side and bottom ad, and is shared through our newsletter and social media.


Weekly outbound email communications

Our e-newsletters are weekly outbound email communications sent to inform our audiences about the latest news, tips, updates about products, company/industry news, promotions, and more. Each e-newsletter consists of a number of articles, the top article is called the Lead Article and all that follow are Listed Articles.


Leading article featured within the e-newsletter, highlighted within the main subject line and given a large header image that may feature client information when it becomes a “Sponsored” article.


We have 4 articles that are listed below, mentioned within the pre-header text and given a smaller lifestyle-based image.


News and promotions are what make the e-newsletter so exciting for our readers! Feature your product, news item or promotion within one of our strategic banner placements. Includes a direct link to your desired URL and effective ALT tags for Gmail and Yahoo! optimization and accessibility.

  • Top Banner (650 x 200)
  • Side Banner (285 x 545)


Social Media

Supercharge your online presence and connect with your target audience
Meta Campaigns
Social Media Management
Redstone will deliver compelling written content featured in boosted Facebook & Instagram campaigns deployed on our platforms and focused on driving awareness to the target market. This content will highlight the benefits of products, health or lifestyle benefits and educate consumers being consistent with overall campaign messaging…the goal is to drive pet/horse owners and veterinary professionals to convert or learn through an easy-to-follow web-link.

Supercharge your online presence and connect with your target audience through our social media management service. Our social media management service includes:

  • monitoring engagement and mentions
  • developing a community of customers
  • replying to comments
  • engaging with active customers

Contest for Database

Harness our audience to expand your potential customer base through our Contest for Database program.

This contest generates an opt-in client database using robust and interactive lead-generation techniques. After the contest, you’ll receive the list of entrants for re-targeting purposes. This service requires a minimum 6-month commitment and includes the following marketing deliverables:

  • Full page ad or custom email in Animal Wellness about the contest specifically. 
  • Mention of a contest on the cover of Animal Wellness or in eNewsletter (IVC & EW)
  • Landing page on the (AW, IVC, EW) main webpage promoting the contest and sign-up form
  • Regular mention in the Facebook/Instagram stories
  • 2 x E-Blast about the contest
  • E-newsletter banner ad (monthly)
  • This program runs for 6 months
  • Prize must be substantial and very attractive
  • Delivery of metrics following the contest, allowing you to retarget entrants.

Web Developement

We will create an engaging and effective website that boosts your overall visibility and sales.

Users today spend less than three seconds on a page before deciding whether or not they want to stay. That’s why a well-designed and user-friendly website is key to retaining potential and recurring consumers. Websites should effectively communicate your brand message and image while focusing on the best user experience possible. We work with a qualified team to create engaging and effective websites that boost your overall visibility and sales.

CE Webinar

R.A.C.E. Approved C.E. accredited webinars!

Instead of trade shows costing you additional tens of thousands of dollars and creating a time consuming and labor-intensive proposition, RMG will develop and manage the perfect solution…R.A.C.E. Approved C.E. accredited webinars!

Webinars will be aimed at getting your products and educational content directly in front of your audience, enticing them to purchase your products directly. It also allows them to ask any questions they may have before making their purchase via a live Q&A session. Webinars will be promoted and presented on a specific date just like a trade show and then hosted online for free On-Demand viewing.

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