Case Study

A unique multi-media treat campaign gets its just rewards

Client:Yummy Combs
Business:Functional Dog Treats


As a new brand, Yummy Combs needed assistance to educate the North American market about its unique product. Up to this point, messaging about this unique functional nutritional/dental treat was confusing, and the company was unsure how to reach and engage a new audience.


To make Yummy Combs stand out in an extremely saturated “treats” market, RMG developed a robust marketing plan that featured the unique “all-in-one” aspects of the product. Making use of numerous marketing elements and tactics, RMG crafted an authentic brand story and brand identity for Yummy Combs. The brand identity was built up through various media such as video, editorials, PR releases, print ads, blogs and social media campaigns.

RMG effectively communicated to customers that Yummy Combs is the most complete and functional/dental dog treat on the market.

Marketing Tactics

Social Media Posts, E-Blasts, Blogs, Editorial Features, Print Ads and Video Creation.

The Results

3 Million Reach

The marketing campaign for Yummy Combs has been very effective, generating brand exposure to over 3 million people in the North American market.

Print Advertisements

Full Page Print Advertisements

Editorial Features

Foldout & Editorial Feature

Social Media & Digital Marketing

Social Media Posts and Customized E-Blast Campaigns

Video Production

Custom Video Introducing this Innovative Product