Case Study

Motivating pet parents to do the right thing

Client:Morris Animal Foundation
Business:Non-Profit Organization


As a non-profit animal health charity on a mission to stop cancer, Morris Animal Foundation wanted to boost awareness around the prevalence and severity of this disease in pets. Their mission was to motivate pet parents to make a positive difference.


RMG took this challenge on by first highlighting the staggering statistics regarding the prevalence of cancer in pets, including the fact that 12 million pets in the U.S. alone are being diagnosed with cancer each year. In addition, the content clearly explained that just one pet parent can make a difference, and that donations will be matched by generous sponsors.

This was achieved by communicating to pet parents that when it comes to helping animals, they are the ‘missing piece’ and that their support directly supports improved diagnostics, therapies, vaccines and cures to help our beloved pets. To effectively illustrate this, puzzle pieces were displayed in imagery.

In addition, the charity’s goals and outlook were clearly identified and emphasized through the statement ‘Together we can stop cancer furever.’

Marketing Tactics

B2C E-Blasts, Social Media Posts, and Online Blog Features

The Results

408,000 Reach

RMG’s outbound marketing campaign’s for Morris Animal Foundation effectively generated brand awareness with target consumers previously untapped. The multi-media campaign, which featured inspiring social media ads, E-Blasts, educational and informative blog posts and print editorials, successfully engaged the new audience that the Foundation was trying to reach.

Social Media & Digital Marketing

Social Media Posts and Customized E-Blast Campaigns

Online Features

Online Sponsored Blog and Article Content

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