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When it comes to digital marketing, our philosophy is: Attract, educate, direct and sell!
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As new digital marketing platforms emerge, our team works diligently on discovering effective strategies to propel your brand toward success. Whether it’s brand awareness, sales, or lead generation, our team is committed to helping you reach your goals.

We’ll work with you to create Custom Media Solutions!

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Content Marketing

Leverage our various platforms to position your brand in front of pet parents. Increase brand awareness and educate new leads about your business with trusted and respected content. Our editors can curate content specifically for your brand, or utilize pre-existing content to propel your products and services in front of interested pet owners.

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Social Media & Digital

Our Marketing Specialists will create content that is viable across a multitude of platforms and develop campaigns to assist you in converting leads. Each phase of your custom campaign will not only reach followers across multiple touch points, but will also have the strong messaging and calls to action necessary to convert leads!

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Strong, consistent branding is key to the success of any business. Having specialized in branding for over 20 years, Redstone can assist you in developing strong branding or work with current branding strategies for a consistent voice throughout all marketing ventures. In doing so, you’ll develop significant brand awareness, organic engagement/conversion, and build trust and authenticity with your consumers to increase your own community of followers.

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Public Relations

Through our recent partnering with our trusted partner,  JudgePR, we now offer you the opportunity to reach multiple big name media outlets through public relations opportunities. Build a strong reputation by fostering relationships with key influencers, members of the media and the public by telling your story. With our public relations packages, you can increase awareness and drive pet parents to your business, leverage media attention to establish your credibility as an expert, and position you as an industry leader!

We also offer PR Crisis Assurance for a small monthly fee in the event that an unfavorable story about your business reaches the media. In this case, we work with you to mitigate any damages and give you back your security and peace of mind. Let us help you get exposure and increase your success!

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E-Learning & Video

Our interactive e-training modules incorporate images, live-action video, motion text and creative testing for a compelling learning experience. Our programs also enable you to gather metrics to measure your participants’ success rate.  By helping you create e-learning modules, we further our own commitment to education and awareness.

Videos are known as the most effective way of communicating information quickly and in bite size chunks to an audience with an ever shrinking attention span. Our services include strategic and creative planning, scriptwriting, videography, motion graphics, animation and digital post production. Our in-house team will produce content that works best for your desired platform no matter what your goals are.

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Graphic & Packaging Design

Though we started out in print, our team of experts has grown their skills to become the best in creative design for our clients. We have worked with a number of clients on print advertisements, POP’s and product designs to help boost visibility amongst the competition in stores and veterinarian offices.  We strategize with you to create branding elements that reflect your brand’s values and the quality of the products and services you offer.

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Web Design

Users today spend less than three seconds on a page before deciding whether or not they want to stay. That’s why a well-designed and user friendly website is key to retaining potential and recurring consumers. Websites should effectively communicate your brand message and image while focusing on the best user experience possible. We work with a qualified team to create engaging and effective websites that boost your overall visibility and sales.

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Brand Tracker

Redstone Media Group’s “Brand Tracker” program is a variation on the Mystery Shopper program designed to give you actionable information and solutions. Retail staff come and go and distributors are not diligent about product positioning at the retail level so it is vital that you have control over retailer relationships and how your product is being represented.

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CE Approved Webinars

Instead of trade shows costing you additional tens of thousands of dollars and creating a time consuming and labor-intensive proposition, we will develop and manage the perfect solution…R.A.C.E. Approved C.E. accredited webinars that are aimed at getting your products & educational content directly in front of your audience.

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