Case Study

An education & awareness campaign that “behaved” beyond expectations!

Client:Heather's Heroes
Business:Dog Training Tools & Education


Dogs with behavior issues often wind up in shelters. Heather’s Heroes tackles the issue head-on by offering training tools designed to make dogs “more adoptable” and keep them out of shelters. Since most pet parents lack knowledge about training tools and/or perceive them negatively, Heather’s Heroes partnered with RMG to get the message out.


RMG swooped in with a multi-media campaign to let dog parents know that issues such as pulling or aggressive and anxious behaviour are not a lost cause. The campaign educated about the benefits of training leashes for the short-term, so that a dog’s quality of life could be improved long-term. It also focused on the improved human-dog bond connection as a result of using the leash.

RMG pointed dog parents to the Heather Heroes Learning Portal, designed to help users get the absolute most out of these training tools

Marketing Tactics

B2B & B2C E-Blasts, Social Media Posts, Editorial Features, Print Ads and Website Banner Ad

The Results

2.4 Million Reach

Through uniquely engaging social media ads, e-blasts, informative editorials and eye-catching magazine ads, the Heather Heroes outbound marketing campaign effectively reached 2.4 million targeted, previously untapped consumers.

Print Advertisements

1/2 Page Print Advertisment

Editorial Features

1/2 Page Editorial Column Feature

Social Media & Digital Marketing

Social Media Posts and Customized E-Blast Campaigns

Online Features

Online Sponsored Blog and Article Content

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