Case Study

Divine results for this highly targeted healthcare educator

Client:Angel's Animals
Business:Online Holistic Animal Bodywork Courses


An educator specializing in holistic animal courses, Angel’s Animals struggled with establishing their brand presence in the digital learning world. They needed RMG to drive awareness of Angel’s Animals offerings and funnel the public to their website.


Angel’s Animals wanted to target only individuals interested in holistic animal health who were willing to go above and beyond for their furry friends. RMG made the perfect marketing partner as the Animal Wellness and Equine Wellness audience is heavily aligned with holistic and natural healthcare for animals.

RMG utilized a host of marketing tactics to maximize the exposure and leads funneled through marketing efforts. The aggressive, laser targeted marketing campaign including social media, email blasts, and online blogs.

Marketing Tactics

B2C E-Blasts, Social Media Posts, E-Newsletters and Blogs

The Results


RMG’s marketing campaign for Angel’s Animals has been very successful. In only a few months, the Angel Animals message has reached 800,000+ people. RMG was able to do this by targeting a niche demographic who have a higher probability of being interested in online pet education.

Social Media & Digital Marketing

Social Media Posts and Customized E-Blast Campaigns

Online Features

Online Sponsored Blog and Article Content

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