VC Exit Strategy

Case Study

A brand-building campaign leads to a sweet acquisition deal

Solid Gold had been working to build sales volume and awareness as a leader in the industry for over 40 years, but the recent Venture Capital (VC) acquisition from the original owner left the company without an identity or authentic spokesperson.  When the current owners decided to package up the company to sell, they solicited Redstone Media Group to help them build value by elevating their brand position as a leading educator of natural nutrition. This included building an eLearning platform focused on educating consumers and retailers.

Client:Solid Gold
Business:Pet Food, Treats & Supplements


Solid Gold faced the challenge of significantly increasing brand awareness of their supplements and driving consumer education so they could maximize the company’s value ahead of a potential sales offering.


Redstone created a 20-minute, 3-part eLearning program that focused on the importance of natural nutrition and featured tactical education about gut health and the microbiome… a topic that was trending in all-natural health markets. The program also boldly reintroduced the founder, and built on her foundation story as a pioneer in driving the natural pet nutrition industry and developing this revolutionary food. Redstone crafted this eLearning program with original content and a warm yet authoritative voiceover. This program was then promoted aggressively on social media, via direct-to-consumer emails and through ads in Animal Wellness Magazine (print and digital). Communications featured the interactivity and gamification aspects of the program as well as the content.

RMG also further drove consumer education by writing and publishing Solid Gold Blog Posts, as well as effectively promoting them on social media. Blog topics included the importance of gut health, digestion, as well as the link between gut health and the immune system, as well as gut health and allergies.

Marketing Tactics

E-Blasts, Social Media Posts, Editorial Features, Contest and E-Learning Program

“Working with Tim and his team at Redstone Media Group was a pleasure — they are a talented group of writers and content creators who onboarded extremely quickly and made my job as a marketer much easier. And their level of writing is on par with the best consultants I’ve ever worked with! I look forward to working with them again in the future!”


The Results

5.5+ Million Impressions

On social media alone, Solid Gold posts reached approximately 850,000 users, gained over 5.5 million impressions, and amassed thousands of unique clicks. In addition, RMG greatly increased Solid Gold brand exposure by hosting and effectively promoting a Prize Pack Giveaway. Approximately 5,000 users from the U.S. and Canada entered to win.

Their Marketing campaign was a huge success for Solid Gold, reaching nearly 2 million people and ultimately achieving an acquisition for $163 million. 


20-Minute, 3-Part eLearning Program

Editorial Features & Poster Insert

Full Page Editorial & Poster Booklet Insert

Social Media & Digital Marketing

Social Media Posts and Customized E-Blast Campaigns

Online Features

Online Sponsored Blog and Article Content

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