Best magazines for promoting pet industry products

Looking for trustworthy information in the pet industry could be challenging. There is much information, and some of it lacks good sources. We understand this could be dangerous for pets’ safety. Fortunately, there are some magazines which you can trust. These magazines have thousands of visits and readers every day, making them a very recommendable distribution channel for your pet industry product. 

Using social media to bring your audience is highly recommended, but using a channel where your specific target is already captive could be quite more affordable.

1. Animal Wellness Magazine

It recently reached number one on Feedspot’s “Top 30 Pet Magazines & Publications”, one of the most popular blog readers. 

For 20 years, Animal Wellness Magazine has provided the best educational content to help your beautiful dog and cat live the most naturally long, healthy and happy life possible.

2. Equine Wellness 

Equine Wellness Magazine is your best option for reaching an audience inside the Equine Industry. It has a dedicated team of animal lovers working to bring readers the best information. Equine Wellness Magazine is based on four pillars: Natural Health, Natural Nutrition, Positive Training, and an Active Lifestyle. Each of these Pillars plays a supporting role in providing equines with the longest quality of life.

3. IVC Journal 

Innovative Veterinary Care Journal bridges the gap between the worlds of allopathic and integrative veterinary care. IVC discusses market trends in health treatments, new product features, industry news, how to create a strong retail experience, leading integrative modalities, and nutrition education not typically taught in vet school.

Placing your pet industry products through the vet industry is one of the best ways to make people aware of them. What is most trusted than a vet recommendation? 

If you are interested in marketing your product through one of these pet industry magazines, reach out to our team now. 

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