LifeFORCE Pet Case Study

LifeFORCE Pet Health approached RMG with the idea to launch a business focused on natural pet products made with high quality ingredients. LifeFORCE required a strong, strategic marketing plan as well as design assistance. 

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ClientLifeFORCE Pet Health
BusinessPet Health Products and Services


Utilizing base designs provided by LifeFORCE, RMG developed strong, consistent branding across a multitude of pet product categories. As the line expanded, RMG was solely responsible for the packaging. They introduced a collection of POP’s consistent with this branding, which increased online retailer orders and in-store purchases, and opened up new opportunities for marketing ventures.

LifeFORCE began outbound marketing with the assistance of the RMG digital marketing team. From organic social media posts and engaging email blasts to targeted ads campaigns, LifeFORCE accumulated a significant database of consumers and retailers while seeing an increase in overall sales.

Website Design

At the end of 2018, LifeFORCE’s website got an overhaul after load speed and poor user experience failed to effectively convert leads into sales. RMG led the charge on this project.

Social Media Marketing

Posts were created using precise imagery and captions designed to target the desired audience. Tactics were put in place to encourage consistent organic growth.

Print & Digital Ad Campaigns

RMG assisted LifeFORCE with exposure across various platforms by creating an assortment of ad sizes for products and promotions depending on budget. Tracking codes were used in some instances to determine which ads had the most impact.

Multimedia Marketing

RMG hosted numerous photo shoots to procure a catalogue of product shots to be used for various purposes. Photos were taken using professional equipment and edited by RMG’s design team. Most recently, a promotional video was created to be used for outbound marketing as well as in-store advertising.

The Proof is in the Results!

88.9% Sales Growth

49% Increase in Web Traffic

15% Open Rate, 13% CTR

Consumer E-Blast Success

12% Open Rate, 10% CTR

Retailer E-Blast Success

20% Increase

Facebook Page growth since January 2018

12% Increase

Retailer Interest and Sales since 2018

40% Overall Growth Increase

Print Advertising

Packaging & POP Displays


Social Media & Digital Marketing

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