5 Common Mistakes in Facebook Ads 

Facebook Ads have been one of the platforms preferred by brands in recent years due to the excellent performance that their campaigns usually generate. For this reason, many people try to use it as their sales tool, but few achieve real success.

Here are 5 mistakes that could be why your Facebook campaigns aren’t working the way you’d like.

1. Structure

One of the most common mistakes is not using the correct campaign structure. Facebook has a particular structure that is developed through 3 steps. 

Campaigns – Ad sets – Ads. 

At each level, different parameters are defined for the campaigns.

The most common mistake is running multiple campaigns with one ad set and one ad within each. Where all ad sets have the same audience, and all campaigns have the same goal.

Why is this wrong? 

Among many other things, you are making your Facebook ads campaigns fight against each other in the auctions. And just like in a traditional auction, you yourself are raising the final cost.

The correct setting when the objective and the audience are the same is to place all the ads within the same campaign and the same set of ads.

2. Do not use the conversion pixel

If your product involves a website, you should always use the conversion pixel. 

Moreover, if you have an e-commerce site, please stop reading, go to insert the pixel and come back.

Not inserting the pixel when you are sending traffic campaigns because you think that it is not required since it is not a conversion campaign. It’s a big mistake. 

You will be losing important data that could cost you time and money when you want to set conversion campaigns.

3. Launching link-click campaigns when you want sales. 

Facebook is a platform that is based on behavior, if you ask for clicks, then it will give you all the clicks you can imagine, but that does not mean that it’s giving you people who really have a purchase intention. 

By switching to direct conversion campaigns, you ask only people who actually have an online shopping behavior.

Facebook gives you what you ask for so ask wisely.

4. Use identical ad sets within the same campaign

Again, you will be fighting with yourself and losing money. Instead, use different Ad-sets with different audiences and let the algorithm decide which one gives you the best performance. That way, you will find your winning audience.

5. Use Detailed Interest Audiences when you already have an extensive database of your customers.

All you’re doing is wasting time. Upload your customer base to create a Custom Audience and then create a Look a Like Audience from it. With just 1,000 contacts in your database, Facebook can give you 1 million people with similar profiles.

We could continue this article for hours, but we don’t want to bore you. So instead, if you need help with your campaigns, we can tell you that you have come to the right place; contact us, and we will gladly help you get more potential from your sales channels.

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