Sales on your website depend on several factors. As an agency specializing in marketing and website development, here are some points to keep in mind to increase your sales.

1. The Product Page

This is a section that few people pay attention to, even though it might be the most obvious to analyze when you want to increase sales. Be sure to include a complete and straightforward description of the product and its features.

Indicating the days remaining for a promotion to end or the number of pieces remaining of a product also helps increase conversion.

2. The Speed of Your Page

This point plays a significant role when it comes to losing or increasing sales. Check the loading speed and make sure you don’t have too heavy images that are losing you customers.

3. Buyer Journey

Check the purchase flow that your client carries out, analyze and install events that allow you to analyze each step so that you always know in which step people who do not complete the purchase are staying. This way, you can take action on the points that make you lose customers and close the sale.

4. Email Flow 

Activate a mail flow for abandoned carts. You’ll be surprised how much this simple strategy can help you increase sales.

5. Valuable Content

Generate valuable content for your audience. If your website contains nothing but your products, you may need to consider a content marketing strategy. 

At Redstone Media Group, we design websites ready to convert and generate sales in both WordPress and Shopify eCommerce platforms. All this is in conjunction with marketing strategies aimed at the pet and equine industry. If your product belongs to these industries, do not hesitate to contact us. More than 23 years of experience in the pet industry to support you.

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